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4th Floor


TENANT LIST -4th Floor

Beauty / Cosmetic / Nail / Saloon / SPA / Skin Care
Beaulink Beauty & Slimming Centre [Lot No: 3A-052 & 3A-053]
Crest Beauty [Lot No: 3A-046B]

Entertainment / Leisure
Fun Horizon [Lot No: 3A-062]

Gift / Hobby / Pewter / Toy / Souvenir / Collectibles / Premium Items
W&W Industrial Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3A-029]
Green Planet Concept S/B [Lot No: 3A-053A & 3A-056]

Healthcare / Medical Diagnostic / Medication
Uno Nutrition Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3A-042A,3A-045A, 3A-051, 3A-057A & 3A-057C &3A-057]

Home Product / Electronics
The Box Company [Lot No: 3A-049]

Management Services / Consultancy
Mr Low [Lot No: 3A-030]
Kelglass Trading [Lot No: 3A-032]
Eserve Management Services Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3A-035 & 3A-043]
Wong Weng Foo & Co [Lot No: 3A-038]
Assets Quo Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3A-039]
CL Chong & Co [Lot No: 3A-046A]

Pejabat Urusan EDS Distribution Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3A-003A]
Customer's Venture Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3A-008,3A-009,3A-010,3A-011 & 3A-015]
Jayih Biomass Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3A-021]
Nafi Floor Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3A-023 & 3A-023A]
Perfect Million Capital Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3A-031]
Prop Lenx Realty [Lot No: 3A-042]
Simple Business Enterprise [Lot No: 3A-033]
Jasa Aman Construction Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3A-040]
Trillion Group Of Companies [Lot No: 3A-047]

Online Business
Seoul Monkey Online [Lot No: 3A-050]

Sport & Recreation / Equipment
One City Pro Shop [Lot No: 3A-013]
Kuala Lumpur Megalanes [Lot No: 3A-060]
Mr. Perfect (Providence Dynamics S/B) [Lot No: 3A-002]
Oriental Martial Equipment Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3A-058]

MPS Telecommunications Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3A-005,3A-007,3A-016,3A-017,3A-018,3A019 & 3A-020]

Trading & Distribution
Kodfrey (M) Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3A-057]

Wedding & Marriage
Syarikat Megah [Lot No: 3A-057D]

Travel Agency
KX Brilliance Holidays Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3A-027]
Event Horizon Holiday Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3A-057E]


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Perbadanan Pengurusan
Endah Parade

Lot 6-001A, 6th Floor,
Endah Parade,
No 1, Jalan 1/149E,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel   : 03-95430100
Fax   : 03-95430300
Email: marketing@eparade.com.my

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