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3rd Floor


TENANT LIST - 3rd Floor

WB Event And Management Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-043 & 3-043A]

Antique / Souvenir / Furniture
Happy Buddha Shop [Lot No: 3-077]
KTS Empire [Lot No: 3-069]

Astrology / Crystal
Master Yip Astrology & Trading [Lot No: 3-063A]
Su Gui Si Enterprise [Lot No: 3-033]

Beauty / Cosmetic / Nail / Saloon / SPA / Skin Care
Ng Wellness [Lot No: 3-026]
New Care Beauty & Skin Treatment Centre [Lot No: 3-052A]

Computer / Accessories / IT Support & Services / Internet / Printing & Design
One Edition [Lot No: 3-023A]
Vertico 80 Global [Lot No: 3-025]
PC Planet [Lot No: 3-083]

Food & Beverage / Tea / Franchise
Time For Tea [Lot No: 3-003]
Restoran Ship Corner [Lot No: 3-062 & 3-063]
Wee Caf [Lot No: 3-067, 3-082 & 3-086]
Restoran O-LA-LA [Lot No: 3-080]

Foot Reflexology / Traditional Massage / Health Care
MF Poh Hong Foot Reflexology Service [Lot No: 3-060]
Yuen Yen Health Care [Lot No: 3-066]
Relax Foot Reflexology & Healthcare S/B [Lot No: 3-087 & 3-088]

Gift / Hobby / Pewter / Toy / Souvenir / Collectibles / Premium Items
Purple Sapphire Baloons [Lot No: 3-031]
Ace Island Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-053A]
Kids Station Marketing Sdn Bhd (Ai Kids Station) [Lot No: 3-003A]
Kedai Cenderamata Pinozar Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-065]
Glory System Enterprise [Lot No: 3-083A]
SNS Culture Trading Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-092 to 3-100]

Gold / Jewellery / Silverware / Cosmetic / Perfume
Pejabat Urusan Neutracelle Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-091]

Hair Care / Hair Cut & Beauty
Quinta Beauty Supplier Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-002]
Ibrahim & Selvarani Hair Beauty Salon [Lot No: 3-030]

Healthcare / Medical Diagnostic / Medication
XXL Centre [Lot No: 3-033A, 3-035]
Your Healthy Shop (M) Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-048]
Tabib Cina Chin Cheng Kwong [Lot No: 3-058]
Dong Yee Enterprise [Lot No: TF2(P), TF3 & TF4]
Friendship Kindness Care Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-015 & 3-016]
Miracle Healthcare Ventures [Lot No: 3-019]

Home Product / Electronics
YanZheng Marketing [Lot No: 3-068]

Management Services / Consultancy
YL Vision Management Services [Lot No: 3-011]

Manpower Services
Nipon Resourses Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-008B]

Music / Movie
Action Valley Trading [Lot No: 3-001]
Mama Treble Clef Studio [Lot No: 3-101 to 3-108A]
Vinner Voice [Lot No: 3-027]

Darjat Jelita Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-008]
Alpec Industries Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-006]
Peace World Debt Collection Services S/B [Lot No: 3-009]
Uno Nutrition Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-012 & 3-013]
Kaseh Raffelsia Venture [Lot No: 3-013A]
Sungate Universal Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-040]
Master Tackle Fishries (M) Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-049]
Aktarich Resources Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-051]
Pejabat Urusan Lai & Lai Hardware Trading [Lot No: 3-052]
Syarikat Letrik Oscar [Lot No: 3-053]
Rieehaz Resources [Lot No: 3-053D]
United Publishing House (M) Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-055 & 3-056]
Raid Synergy [Lot No: 3-057A]
Ocean Light Global Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-057B]
Rhytmic Excellence Unity Academy (Gymnastics) [Lot No: 3-073A]
PC Planet [Lot No: 3-079]
Inter Chain Supply [Lot No: 3-073]
Gamarco Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-061]
BJ Marketing [Lot No: 3-008A]

Online Business
CS Mobile Communication Center [Lot No: 3-046]

Novatech [Lot No: 3-088A]

Thai Accessories
Siam Beh Trading [Lot No: 3-089, 3-090]
Menjual Barangan Sembayang Thai [Lot No: 3-085]

Green Leaf Sci. & Tech. Group [Lot No: 3-026]
Rhytmic Excellence Unity Academy (Gymnastics) [Lot No: KT-5]

Trading & Distribution
Novoz International Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-078 ]
Kedai Kristal Yongmei Gallery (Sykt. Mansam) [Lot No: 3-059]

Travel Agency
ACS Vacations Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-018]
Taksina Travel Services Sdn Bhd [Lot No: 3-036 & 3-037]


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